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Resume / CV Writing Course - Write Resume That Gets Shortlisted (हिन्दी में)

Want More and More Interview Calls? Then Learn to Write Resume/CV that Can Brings to You Maximum Job Interview Calls. A Strategic Overview Guide for Writing a Resume That Employers Want. Perfect Resume Writing Walkthrough by Experience of a Senior Management Professional. Learn Secrets of Building a Killer Resume That Gets Shortlisted and Understanding Why Most Resume Gets Rejected. 

Instructor: Pankaj DudhaiyaLanguage: Hindi

Hello College Students & Job Seekers,

Do you want to prepare a resume which can bring you maximum interview calls?
Do you learn secrets of great looking resume in a crism manner from a CEO?
Then Welcome! This Course is For You 

About Resume / CV Writing Course

Many Job candidates says "I have applied for many jobs, but I have not received any job interview call.". This is mainly because of "Poorly Written Resume". This happens because of following reasons;

  • Most candidates have no clarity on structure of an 'Ideal Resume' that companies want
  • Most candidates do not know what employers/companies/HR Managers look for in the resume
  • Most candidates actually need perfect and practical guidance to develop a perfect resume.

There is no doubt that a solid and perfect resume is the only key to help you get an interview call. Simply put, without a good resume, you will not get noticed. Without getting noticed, you will not be called for interviews. Your resume is a powerful career marketing tool and therefore it should be persuasive marketing piece and not a dull career biography. The resume is your formal introduction to the career world. Your Resume must explain about your skills, abilities and every minute detail about your professional life and thus reflect your professional 'potential' for a particular job in a concise, organized and well-phrased manner.

Many people can write resume, but it is highly important that your resume contains information which actually 'Employers Want to See'.

In this short course, we will share important inputs on how to structure your resume that shows you as a potential employee, an employee who is highly competent in your skills. We have developed this 'crash course' for people who want to focus on all important strategic aspects of a resume in a very short and powerful way. We do not intend to teach you a line by line writing as we are sure you can definitely do it, but, we want to guide you 'strategically' how your resume should be. This course is also not focusing on beautification of your resume, but, focuses on 'contents' of resume which is extremely important. The verbal instruction language of this course is in Hindi, where as all material is in English.

Enroll now and learn how to write a great resume, that employers want.

See you in the course

What You Will Learn in This Course?


The Need, Types & Importance of Resume


The Structure & Contents of an Ideal Resume


Serious Mistakes Made in Writing Resume


Practical View Point about Resume by a CEO

Benefits of This Course

  • You'll be able to design a stunning and marketable resume that companies want.
  • You'll be able to design a cutting edge strategic resume that helps you stand out from crowd
  • You'll be able to learn about quality of information to include in resume
  • You'll be able to maximize your chances of getting an interview call

Course Curriculum

Who Can Join This Course?

      • Anyone who wants to prepare resume and increase chances of getting maximum interview calls and other career opportunities
      • College students in the final year of their studies
      • Professionals looking to switch to a new career fiend and need change in resume
      • Anyone planning for job now and in near future

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