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The Complete Job Interview Preparation Course (हिन्दी में)

The Complete Job Interview Preparation Course. Very Exhaustive, In-Depth, Step-by-Step and Practical Course to Help You Get Your Dream Job. Never Get Nervous Again & Ace Your Interview Like Champion. Prepare for Any Question. Easy to Understand Practical Tips & Techniques to Help You Succeed in 1st Interview Attempt. Skills, Strategies & Hacks to Help You Get Dream Job Faster. Join Now!!!

Instructor: Pankaj DudhaiyaLanguage: Hindi

Hello College Students & Job Seekers,

Want to Confidently Pass Job Interview?
Want to Learn Step-by-Step Practical Method & Proven Techniques to Prepare for Interview?
Want o Pass Job Interview in 1st Go?

Then Welcome! This Course is For You 

About the 51K Job Interview Preparation course

Every job applicant wants to get dream job, for which, applicant needs to pass Interview. After having done a lot of hard work for job search and getting a call for interview, if you fail in interview, is like running an entire race from front and loose at the finish line. Therefore, to pass job interview in today's competitive job market, you must learn, practice and master most ESSENTIAL & PRACTICAL job interview skills.

Based on our 27+ years of practical working experience in Industry sectors like Electronics, Education, Trading, Pharmaceuticals, IT, BPO, Media, Textile, Manufacturing, Exports, Real Estate & Many more... and having conducted hundreds of interviews for positions right from junior executive to CEO, we have designed this very simple but powerful practical course to help job applicants of all levels to prepare for job interview as per industry/company requirement, and maximize their chances to confidently pass job interview. This course is designed using the innovative '51K 5ACT Framework'.

This course will help you to learn winning answers for the most common interview questions right from 'Can you tell me about yourself?' to 'What is your greatest strength?' to 'Do you want to ask us any question?' and many more. In this course you will see few most common interview questions, explanations for why the interviewer asks such question and ideal structured answer to such question, which any interviewer will desire from you. This course is designed for all people who are looking for job now and in future.

Please note that the verbal instruction language of this course is Hindi, whereas, all other material is in English. Share this course with you friends, relatives and all people who can also get benefit from doing this course.

See you in the course!

Student Reviews About This Course

This is the most wonderful course I have attended so far. I acquired various tools to crack almost any Job Interview. I learned what are the steps of interview, how to methodically prepare for the interview, skills required for the interview, how to build resume. I have also improved my communication skills, body language and confidence. After this 100% practical course, I am now more confident then earlier and I will be always well prepared for any Interview in future.

Rohan Kharit, MBA (HR)

To pass any job interview I never thought that these many skills are required. This course has helped me understand how I have to thoroughly prepare for Job Interview from company point of view. I never even thought that to pass job interview these many skills are required. 

Thank God, now I will be able to pass any job interview with full confidence. I feel that this course is for every level of students of all subjects and even working people.

Het Surani (B.E.)

What You Will Learn in This Course?


The 5ACT Strategy' to Step-by-Step Prepare for Job Interview


Which Workplace Challenges You Should Know Before Appearing for Job Interview


How to Develop Winner's Mindset for 'Success' in any Job Interview


How to Make a Great First Impression and Create a Professional Image


Which Criteria Interviewer Generally Uses to Select Candidates for Job


Overall Body Language, Follow Up Strategy and Tips on Increasing Chances of Success


How to Give Answers to All Types of Questions During Job Interview


What are 49 Reasons Because of Which Candidates Fail in Interview? How to Avoid Them?


& Many More...

Benefits of This Course

  • You'll be able to remove fear and improve confidence to appear for any level of interview
  • You'll be able to improve your psychological performance
  • You'll be able to answer all types of questions as per expectations of interviewer
  • You'll be able to significantly improve your mind-set & skill-set
  • You'll be able to 'Standout' from other candidates
  • You'll be able to avoid mistakes which leads to failure

Course Curriculum

Who Can Join This Course?

      • Anyone who has received interview call and want to prepare for interview
      • Anyone who is expecting interview call in future
      • Anyone who has no experience or little experience or full experience of interview
      • Anyone who wants to minimize their failure rate in interview
      • Anyone who has low success rate in interview
      • Anyone who has fear about interview and wants to build confidence
      • Undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and all with or without any degree
      • Anyone who wants to apply for job in private sector or public sector or government sector
      • Students pursuing bachelors as well as masters degrees
      • Working professionals wanting to move up the hierarchy in their organization
      • People looking forward to a career in the corporate industry

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