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Employability Skill Development Course for College Students & Job Seekers (English)

Companies want employees who are SKILLED & AWARE about working challenges and expectations of working environment at Job. This means each college students, before starting Job or Work, need to become expert in 'Employability Skills'. Join this course to become successful from day one in Job.

Instructor: Pankaj DudhaiyaLanguage: English

Hello College Students & Job Seekers,

Do you want to get prepared for Job as per the requirement of Company / Employer / Interviewer?
Do you want to work successfully at Job?
Do you want to remove fear and confusion about how to perform at your first job?

Do you want to learn Employability Skills?

Then Welcome! This Course is For You

About Employability Skill Development Course

Today because of very tough competition, companies / employers / Interviewers want candidates who are 'Job Ready', who are aware about challenges at workplace and who have practical working attitude. Therefore, getting a Job is hard today and to become successful at Job is even harder, especially if you don't have practical soft skills to implement your knowledge into reality as expectation of employer. Such 'soft skills' can make you different from other applicants and thus such 'Soft Skills' can help you get selected for Job faster than others. These 'Soft Skills' are called EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS or JOB SKILLS'.  

'Employability Skills' are basically an ability to get job and also an ability to apply your learned knowledge practically at workplace, deliver results as per company’s expectations and become successful. In Nutshell, Employability Skills makes your 'Ready for Job'.

So, how can this course help you become 'Employable' as per requirement of companies / employers / interviewers?

This course will firstly help you by giving you knowledge about expectations of your future companies / employers / interviewers and then will help you to learn the 'minimum nos of skills' required to successfully get job and become successful at job. This course will guide you on how to prepare to get job, interview success and how you can establish yourself as different performer from other people working with you, using your skills, abilities and attitudes. This specialized knowledge will help you gain an edge over others.

Share this course with you friends, relatives and all people who can also get benefit from doing this course.

See you in the course!

What You Will Learn in This Course?


How to Get Ready for Job?

How can you maximize your chances of getting Job Interview call and how can you pass the job interview. Right from writing application letter, resume development, job interview preparation you will also learn how you can be different in performance from other people at job.


Skills for Success in Job

Getting a Job is difficult but to survive and grow in Job is more difficult. Here only your 'skills and abilities' can help you. Learn about important 'work-life skills' or 'Job Skills' or 'Soft Skills' and also learn how to gain mastery on these skills to become successful at Job.


Attitudes of Performers

Developing and maintaining Job related important attitudes is most important after knowledge and skills. Learn which attitudes you should develop and improve upon so as to continuously enhance your image at workplace and open doors for vertical growth in career.


Strategies of Success in Job

& Many More...

Benefits of This Course

  • You'll be able to Improve your 'Job Related Skills', improve job prospects, become successful at job from day one.
  • You'll be able to get quality, time tested practical inputs that will significantly increase your chances of securing a dream job.
  • You'll be able to increase your confidence which will help you fast track our career growth.
  • You'll be able to develop self-improvement action plan to improve your professional weakness..
  • You'll be able to confidently establish in a new job role & discover unique strategies to get stand out from crowd.
  • You'll get "Certificate of Completion" which will add 'Unique Value' to your resume

Course Curriculum

Who Can Join This Course?

      • Any college student of any field, whether undergraduate or graduate.
      • Any college student who has recently completed their studies and now looking for Job.
      • Anyone who is looking for Job in Private or Government Sector
      • Anyone who is returning to Job after a break, for example, parents.
      • Anyone who is looking for a Job, but not feeling confident about their 'Job Related Skills'
      • Anyone who is unaware about basic 'job relates skills'.

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